Jonathan Ullmer has given new educational trends to the society

There is a lot of competition in the education system among the students where everyone wants to stand at the first position. But quality in studies is something that many educators emphasize to have in students so that they become successful with their skills and knowledge and not just copying the information from books. 

One of such educators is Jonathan Ullmer who has given many new educational trends for the students to become successful in the easiest way. He is someone who has begun his career in education in the year 1985 where at the Swanley School he used to teach English and Drama. Then in the year 1989 at Cecil Jones High School, he was appointed as the Art Curriculum Director. Then it was in 2002 when he served as the Assistant Principal at Sawyers Hall College of Science and Technology in Essex. And there are many such achievements that are renowned around the world. 

His experience in education has made his given him new ideas and trends for the students which trends include the following:

  • Augmented reality 

Augmented reality has found a new face in the educational fundamental. It is quite expensive to get it implemented and therefore many schools have not yet used it in their school. if its cost comes down over time then there can be a school that would like to get it and use it for the better education of their students.

There can be the use of virtual field trips for the students with the help of AR and VR technology. This trend will soon become quite popular when the schools and colleges will understand its importance. 

  • Experimental Learning through the experiences

Experimental has been a great change in education. It became popular during the Pandemic when the students had no option but to study remotely. The hands-on project is very useful for kinetic learners that is the one finds it difficult to study in classroom settings. 

  • Learning based on projects 

With the help of project-based learning, there will be no requirement for rote memorization and through that, the students get great knowledge without much effort. The teachers are trying to get project-based learning implemented for the betterment of the students and it is very useful in many different ways. 

Mr. Ullmer has helped society to understand these trends so that there can be an improvement in the educational landscape and students learn in a better way.