Jonathan Ullmer has given new educational trends to the society

There is a lot of competition in the education system among the students where everyone wants to stand at the first position. But quality in studies is something that many educators emphasize to have in students so that they become successful with their skills and knowledge and not just copying the information from books. 

One of such educators is Jonathan Ullmer who has given many new educational trends for the students to become successful in the easiest way. He is someone who has begun his career in education in the year 1985 where at the Swanley School he used to teach English and Drama. Then in the year 1989 at Cecil Jones High School, he was appointed as the Art Curriculum Director. Then it was in 2002 when he served as the Assistant Principal at Sawyers Hall College of Science and Technology in Essex. And there are many such achievements that are renowned around the world. 

His experience in education has made his given him new ideas and trends for the students which trends include the following:

  • Augmented reality 

Augmented reality has found a new face in the educational fundamental. It is quite expensive to get it implemented and therefore many schools have not yet used it in their school. if its cost comes down over time then there can be a school that would like to get it and use it for the better education of their students.

There can be the use of virtual field trips for the students with the help of AR and VR technology. This trend will soon become quite popular when the schools and colleges will understand its importance. 

  • Experimental Learning through the experiences

Experimental has been a great change in education. It became popular during the Pandemic when the students had no option but to study remotely. The hands-on project is very useful for kinetic learners that is the one finds it difficult to study in classroom settings. 

  • Learning based on projects 

With the help of project-based learning, there will be no requirement for rote memorization and through that, the students get great knowledge without much effort. The teachers are trying to get project-based learning implemented for the betterment of the students and it is very useful in many different ways. 

Mr. Ullmer has helped society to understand these trends so that there can be an improvement in the educational landscape and students learn in a better way. 

Is extra virgin olive oil better than olive oil?

Both olive oil and virgin olive oil are made from olives, but the method of processing the oil is different. As a result, they have different colors, flavors and health properties.

There are many types of oils on the market, including vegetable, canola, avocado, peanut and coconut oils. It can be difficult to know which oil is best. Do they really feel the difference? Is one person healthier than the other?

This article discusses the differences between extra virgin olive oil and olive oil.

Is olive oil healthy?

The use of different oils is different. Olive oil has a great flavor which makes it great as an addition to salads or raw bread and is relatively heat resistant when cooking. However, it has been debated whether olive oil is really healthy and there is no consensus on the best type.

The main fat in olive oil, which is mainly composed of oleic acid, is monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA), which according to health experts are healthy fats.

Saturated fats and trans fats, on the other hand, are unhealthy fats. Studies have linked unhealthy fat consumption to a number of health conditions, including heart disease, stroke, and obesity.

Replacing saturated and trans fats with MUFAs can reduce the risk of heart disease. These fats increase high-density lipoprotein (HDL), or “good” cholesterol, while low-density lipoprotein (LDL), or “bad” cholesterol, decreases in the bloodstream.

Olive oil is an ingredient in the Mediterranean diet, which research shows has many health benefits, including the heart, eyes, and brain.

Olive oil Vs. extra virgin olive oil

Most of the precursors that preceded olive oil, such as “virgin” or “extra virgin”, refer to the process used by producers to produce the oil. Extra virgin olive oil has undergone minimal processing.

When a manufacturer processes oil, it refines it with chemicals and then heats it up. This process extends the shelf life, which is great for the food industry, but it can waste a lot of the taste of the oil and some of its benefits.

According to a Reliable Research Source, extra virgin olive oil contains more polyphenols than regular olive oil. Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant and have many health benefits. Refined olive oil removes polyphenols, vitamins, and other natural ingredients.

Many people find that extra virgin olive oil tastes better than olive oil, which is more processed. Unprocessed fresh unprocessed extra virgin olive oil should taste:

  • A bit fruity
  • Slightly bitter, like biting into an olive
  • Slightly spicy

If the oil has a metallic, dull or moldy taste, it may be due to over-processing or the oil has gone bad.

Many people choose cold pressed, unrefined or rock pressed products when choosing the extra virgin olive oil to buy. With this option, the oil is not heated or refined, which usually adds a substance to the oil.

Benefits of extra virgin olive oil

People may prefer to use extra virgin olive oil over regular olive oil because:

  • That less processing has taken place
  • They think it’s more fun
  • There is less content
  • It is richer in antioxidants, vitamins and other natural ingredients

Things licensed money lenders are forbidden to do when collecting debts

Debt collectors have a well-deserved public image for being arrogant, nasty, and sometimes frightening when trying to convince debtors to pay up. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was designed to prevent these irritating and abusive practices from happening. Credit Empire is a well-reputed licensed money lender which is good at money lending in Chinatown. They follow all the rules and regulations and know what buttons should not be pushed.

Here’s what a licensed moneylender is forbidden to do when collecting debts.

Make threats, Bully, or Harass

According to the Protection From Harassment Act, no licensed money lender is allowed to threaten their clients, use abusive language, insult or engage in abusive or disrespectful behavior with their clients. They cannot publish information about the client’s identification – harass, scare, or upset the client in any way, shape or form. Essentially, this rule prohibits a licensed moneylender from engaging in much of the potentially harmful behavior. Nobody has the right to call you names, harass you in any way, or disrespect you in any way. Better yet, this law ensures that a licensed moneylender cannot cyberbully or shame you online.

Damage property

Some debt collectors may threaten to destroy or remove your home, car, or other valuables if you don’t pay your debts. However, a licensed money lender in Singapore cannot confiscate any of your properties. Furthermore, a money lender or debt collector is prohibited from causing damage to your property. Otherwise, he faces a year in jail, a penalty, or both under the Penal Code. This is true even if the property is not fully destroyed but has been damaged to the point that its value or utility has been diminished.

Stalking and injuring

A money lender cannot constantly monitor and track the whereabouts of a borrower because this might be deemed unwarranted stalking. An act like this is illegal, especially if the purpose is to frighten or disturb you. In Singapore, causing bodily harm to another person is a serious crime. If a moneylender harms a borrower to the point where he is injured or incapacitated, the criminal faces up to 2 years in prison a hefty fine, or both. Offenses involving grave bodily harm, such as inflicting injuries, dislocations, or permanent scarring, could result in a 10-year sentence and a fine.


Profession money lenders know what they can or cannot do. They are both reliable and credible. Unlike loan sharks, they know where to draw the line. Licensed moneylenders in Singapore have to follow the rules and regulations laid out by the respective agencies to operate legally and conduct business in the future.


Brazil national team star Raphinhahas been the most important player at Leeds United this season and he showed his quality once again as the Whites sealed a third Premier League win thanks to the 1-0 home win over Crystal Palace.

Leeds United have not hit the heights of last season when they finished in ninth position. The Elland Road outfit has spent the whole of this season in the bottom half of the Premier League table. As a matter of fact, they have spent majority of the season in the bottom five.

The Whites began the Crystal Palace game with a three-point advantage over the relegation zone and they were able to increase the points gap between them and the bottom three to five points after the late win over the Eagles.

Spanish attacker Rodrigo came off the Leeds United bench at the half-time interval in place of Matheus Klich and he should have given his team the lead within seven minutes of him being on the pitch. The former Valencia man shot wide when he should have scored. Crystal Palace substitute Christian Benteke also had the chance to score the first goal of the game six minutes from a few yards out after coming on at the midway point of the second half, but he could not direct his free header into the back of the net off the cross from Ivorian winger Wilfried Zaha.

Leeds United left it late to take all three points after Crystal Palace defender Marc Guehi was adjudged to have handled the ball in the box. Brazil national team winger Raphinha made no mistake from the spot as he scored four minutes into stoppage time to win the game for the hosts. The Brazil international has now scored six goals in the league for Leeds United who are up to 15th spot on the league standings with 15 points.


Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has welcomed the competition from Arsenal shot stopper Aaron Ramsdale for the first choice goalkeeper slot in the Three Lions of England squad. 

The Everton star was speaking ahead of the crucial World Cup 2022 qualifying clash with Albania. According to him, competition for the starting berth will bring out the best in the competitors. The Everton goal minder went on to describe Ramsdale as a great lad.

Arsenal goalkeeper Ramsdale is still uncapped for the England national team, but his impressive performances for the Gunners have heightened calls for him to replace Pickford as the number one man in between the sticks for the Three Lions. 

Ramsdale got the first taste of the Three Lions of England squad as an emergency addition to the Euro 2020 squad in the summer. He was named in the final 26-man squad as the replacement for Manchester United shot stopper Dean Henderson who had to pull out because of a hip injury. Everton man Pickford was the undisputed first choice goalkeeper as England went all the way to the final before they lost the title to Italy via penalties. Pickford has been the first choice England goalkeeper since 2018. 

Arsenal had not signed Ramsdale at Euro 2020 as he was still a Sheffield United player. He was one of the few England players who didn’t feature at all during the tournament. The ex-Bournemouth man has now been part of the England squad for two international windows.

The Gunners paid an initial fee of £24m to sign Ramsdale from Sheffield United with add-ons worth £6m to possibly take the whole deal to the £30m and he has been a revelation since then. He was recently named the best Arsenal player for the month of October. In addition, the goalkeeper was nominated for the Premier League Player Award for the same month. 

Creative Blog Post Ideas

You’ve come to the correct place if you’re seeking inspiration on how to come up with your greatest blog post ideas that will actually bring in more of your target readers and customers. Blogging is still one of the most effective ways to engage with your audience and motivate them to take action, therefore the Creative Blog Post Ideas you choose to pursue and invest your limited time and money in are crucial. 

blog post ideas that are unique

Summarize the contents of other people’s books, thoughts, and blog postings

When was the last time you read a book or a blog article that was more than a few pages long? The majority of individuals today simply do not appear to have the time. Create catchy summaries of popular books or blog articles to take advantage of this. Remove the crucial bits so that readers still grasp the core of the story. You make it easier for them to get the content while also saving them a lot of time by doing so.

Have you lately attended any noteworthy industry events? Give your readers a taste of the action

Every month, there is a slew of fantastic industry events. It’s impossible for somebody to go to every one of them. Share the highlights of any excellent events or gatherings you’ve attended in your niche with your followers. These blog post ideas might be as simple as presenting a brief summary with a few actionable recommendations.

Members of your team or partners who have aided you should be profiled

People form bonds with one another. Take advantage of this by writing a series of blog posts about each member of your team. This will allow your audience to learn more about the people behind your company. Is there no team? It’s no problem! Even if you’re a solopreneur, you’ve undoubtedly had the assistance of a few crucial individuals and partners.

Make a number of posts based on a specific age range

Have you ever seen a post titled “My forty by forty”? These are incredibly cool and allow readers to get a glimpse into your life and business by displaying your personality and individuality. Consider this blog concept as a wish list for when you or your company reaches a particular age.

Make a series of blog articles, poems, or short stories

Don’t want your blog post to get lost in the shuffle? Then write a series of related blog entries, poems, and stories to go along with it. This might range from posts about things that make you happy to posts about things that make you crazy. You’ll keep your readers occupied and entertained this way. Attempt to keep your posts and anecdotes as brief as possible. This will improve readability by a factor of two.


Remember that turning blog post ideas into high-quality material on a regular basis is difficult, but the reward is well worth the effort. Investing in blog post ideas that are unique, interesting, and valuable can yield exponential results. The goal is to come up with a wide range of blog topics and stick to a regular publishing schedule.